Kep and kampot

Our next stop was Kep, along the coast. It is primarily a town for vacationing people from Phnom Penh, but since we were there during the week, it felt oddly deserted. It’s really pretty, with a nice, small national park, and awesome seafood.


The strangest thing about it was how large, but absolutely empty it felt. There were big, paved roads, and no one driving on them. At the ends were new, massive government buildings, which also seemed empty.


This massive road was lined with pre-Khmer Rouge ruins with run-down stilt houses next door where people live today.



Our next stop was nearby Kampot. It’s bigger and more touristy, but we stayed a little outside of the city next to a river.


There, we rented motorbikes for a day and drove around, kayaked and chilled out. Next, a day in Phnom Penh, then off to Vietnam.



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